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HI!  I’m Edward Hood, or “Ed” as you will learn to call me. I founded sight alignment after my 24-year military career serving in the USA, Europe, Middle East and other theatres world-wide.

My desire is to create a program that safely promotes shooting activities, infects others with my passion for shooting and offers professional firearms instruction to the general public and firearm enthusiast – beginners to advanced tactical shooters.

After having the honor of serving with so many talented officers and operators – learning from them all – I am continuing my passion and passing on these techniques in order to help you improve your skills, instill a sense of security and nurture the desire for our sport.

Safety First! I firmly believe that knowledge of ballistics and weapon-handling skills lead to safety.



Edward M. Hood

Owner / Expert Marksman / Instructor

Born at Ft. Hood, Tx., "Ed" was raised in Lampasas, Texas. He graduated High School in Wiesbaden, Germany and went into the Air Force in Dec 1989.

Professional Training and Coaching


Edward and his team of Instructors strive to offer high quality tutelage in various areas of firearm proficiency. From basic knowledge and maintenance to defense and tactical application skills, Edward and his sight alignment program is dedicated to teaching safety and efficiency with firearms.

Sight Alignment Cedar Park

Beginners Handgun Safety Class

Designed for
beginner and first-time shooters and those preparing for the Texas Concealed Handgun License

Covers the basics of safety, body position as well as how to handle & fire small arms effectively.

Recommended for anybody thinking about purchasing and carrying a personal firearm, before making their investment.

Texas License To Carry (LTC)

We provide the Texas License To Carry course.

This class educates students on the responsibilities and laws applicable for the Texas LTC.  We cover the required laws, handgun safety, non-violent dispute resolution and proper storage for handguns.

Students will be required to pass a written test and show proper handgun proficiency on the gun range to complete this course.

Upon successful completion, students may apply with the State of Texas for their License To Carry.

Citizens Protective Handgun Application

This course focuses on self defense with a tactical mind set. It is a must for those who have obtained their Texas License To Carry and want improve their abilities.

This is an intermediate handgun course the focuses on engaging multiple targets, dealing with pistol malfunctions and becoming proficient with emergency reloading during an armed engagement.

We will look at home defense, situations outside the home when in general public, as well as in your vehicle.

Advanced Self Defence

Advanced shooting will cover transitioning to multiple targets, engaging advancing targets, failure drills, consecutive shot placement and proper movement with firearms.

We will also cover engaging precision targets in a high-stress situation.

Students learn how to safely draw from their holsters to engage targets.

For safety reasons, there will be an elevated competence with firearms required due to the nature of this course.

1 Hour Private Lesson

Private 1-on-1 lessons tailored to your individual needs.

I took my family to
the Shady Oaks range the other day
just for a taste and
I really like Ed’s way of teaching.

Marco G.
Austin, Texas

Ed taught me his sight alignment 4-point system and I feel extremely secure with my handgun.
Not only because I have my TCHL, but because of my proficiency with my handgun thanks to Ed Hood.

Martha Q.
Lampasas, Texas LTC Holder

Eddy’s calm manner and professionalism allowed me to feel comfortable and learn a great deal. My accuracy and speed greatly improved because of his coaching.
Thanks Ed!

William J.
Central Texas LTC Holder

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